IM Essential Electrolytes - Sour Apple

IM Essential Electrolytes - Sour Apple


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  • Supports hydration, sustained performance, and faster recovery*
  • Sodium from Himalayan salt
  • Help Reduce fatigue* with L-Tyrosine
  • Brain Support and Focus* with L-Theanine
  • Enhanced oxygen uptake* with manganese (Mn AAC)
  • Anti-oxidation and immune support* with Vitamin C
  • B-complex vitamins for natural energy support*
  • Enhance absorption* with Calcium
  • Increase energy* with Magnesium
  • Trace mineral blend
  • Help prevent cramping* with D-Ribose, Himalayan Salt, and other electrolytes
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Additional Information

Myth: Athletes don't sweat much and therefore don't deal with the effects of dehydration and key electrolyte loss during training sessions.

Bottom line: Athletes need to replace the fluids and sodium lost during training and racing. IM Essential Electrolytes contains the optimal formula to help maintain hydration.

Packed with essential nutrients including Vitamin C for immune support, anti-inflammation, and oxygen uptake; and B vitamins for healthy energy production.