Whey Protein - Chocolate (Old Design)

Whey Protein - Chocolate (Old Design)

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  • High-protein drink mix formulated with whey concentrate

  • Supports muscle repair, lean body mass, & satiety

  • Enhanced absorption* with ProHydrolase

  • Bone support* with Calcium Citrate and Phosphorus

  • Electrolyte support* with Himalayan Salt

  • Low Lactose Milk Protein Isolate

  • Per serving: 105 Calories, 20g Protein, 4g Carbs, 1g Fiber, 1g Fat

  • Flavored & sweetened using only naturally derived ingredients

  • 21 servings per container

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Additional Information

Branch Chain Amino Acids: Essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which the body can't actually produce. They must be consumed. BCAAs have been shown to have the most benefit in recovery.

Athletes train intensely. If their bodies can't recover from training sessions they won't improve their speed or stamina and it may actually have negative effects on their bodies.

BCAA has been shown to decrease protein degradation during training and competition, decrease exercise induced muscle damage, and improve time trial performance.

The enemy of recovery? Inflammation. IM Performance provides multiple ingredients which are shown to support anti-inflammation throughout the body.  



Mix 1 rounded scoop with 8-16 oz of water within 60 minutes after each workout.