Personal Genome Sequencing For Your Health


For the first time in human history, we are able to map out the human genome. What once took 13 years from 1990 through 2003, at a total cost of $2.7 Billion dollars, now takes only 4-5 weeks and a few hundred dollars. 

The human genome is every person's unique DNA makeup. And within each person's genome is the story of their complete biological makeup - including their strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and vulnerabilities.

Each individual is prone to certain time-bombs that are built into their particular genome. Unfortunately, that is the reality of the frail human body. 

Each individual is ALSO prone to a certain set of strengths that are built into their particular genome. Fortunately, that is the reality of our great human potential. 

Within each person's genome is the key to DIFFUSING those time bombs...and ENHANCING their potential. 


Our genes are not our destiny...they are our blueprint. We are not our genes - we are the expression of our genes. Epigenetic factors including diet, environment, supplementation, and lifestyle habits have the power to regulate our DNA by switching genes on and off.

In fact this very discovery was recently featured in TIME magazine.

NOT ONLY can this suppress the genes that expose us to disease and sickness, AND give yourself or your child the best possible chance at maximizing his or her potential both mentally and physically…

But it CAN ALSO INFLUENCE THE HEALTH OF UP TO FOUR GENERATIONS…Because not only do we pass on our DNA to our children, but we also pass on the expression of our DNA.

Our own genome contains within it the instruction manual for achieving freedom from the disease, weakness, and vulnerabilities to which our own body and mind is most exposed.  Also contained within our genome is the road map to maximizing the potential of our minds and the capability of our bodies. 

And thanks to the incredible forward progress of science, DNA testing is now affordable and accessible to anyone - allowing everyone to discover for themselves the kind of lifestyle, food consumption, supplementation, and mindset which is necessary and specific to them in order to turn ON the positive expressions of their genes to maximize their chances at life, athletics, and opportunities… 

And turn OFF the negative expressions of their genes which would otherwise lead to disease, difficulty, and impairment. This includes freedom from depression, anxiety, stress, digestive distress, poor skin and hair, nerve pain, brain disease, and any other malady the human body struggles with. 

IM Performance Nutrition has proudly partnered with Nutrition Genome, the most advanced DNA testing and analysis tool available. It is time to reveal for yourself what is now accessible within our body’s own genetic code. Unlock your true potential through our fast, easy, high security DNA test kit and personalized genetic health report.

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Trenton Frazer