The Sport of Momming

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Between all the back and forth it can seem daunting to fit in a nutritious meal. Endless drive throughs smelling of salty, delicious, chicken nuggets and fries can be so tempting when going round and round; all while managing to eat nothing for several hours. No, diet soda does not count as food. Coming home after trying to be on track with your nutrition goes out the window when you see that bag of unopened colored goldfish, thinking "I'll just have a handful" when all of the sudden you look down into the empty foil lined bag and hear your toddler scream "I want goldfish". In a rare quiet moment you scroll through social media at the elaborate meal plans from the fitness models you follow and start to cry. Cooking and meal prepping at home is impossible when you're never there. Best case scenario: Just give up for a good 20 years until all your children have grown up and hopefully moved out so you can start focusing on your macros like a pro.

As a mom, and athlete in training, these are my daily experiences. Some days are better than others, but for the most part I find myself single handedly (literally, only having one hand available most of the day) managing to survive while keeping everyone else fed and well kept. I know nutrition is key for my athletic performance, my sanity and the safety of my family from mom-zilla, but days are long and always changing. Food priority no. 1 = must be mobile. Running on simple sugars and sweets always leaves me at a mid day low where I can't function, not to mention find the motivation to train. Finding foods high in protein for sustainable all day energy is always in the back of my mind where it's easily forgotten because let's be real, ain't no mom got time for dat!

Fueling my day with IM Performance Nutrition's Whey Protein gives me that fast nutrient boost I need to keep up with life. Uncomplicated, mobile and so very tasty, my protein shake is my favorite source of calories. With sometimes only 60 seconds to whip up a meal these shakes are an immediate go to because you literally can blend them up 60 seconds while the baby screams, and the toddler eats dog food for breakfast from the floor... hashtag truth.

 And if you're a mom who doesn't feel athletic enough to drink one of those "fitness gym rat" shakes let me remind you: If you are a mom then you are an athlete!

Mothering is the ultimate endurance sport that starts from sun up to when ever the heck the kids choose to stay in their beds. We move our bodies up and down all day long, with fast twists, turns and the never expected, but always anticipated, chase the toddler sprint. Like high level athletes these movements put a lot of strain on our bodies. Having a protein shake is like giving your insides a recovery day at the spa. In order to do great things on the outside you have to pamper your inside, and these shakes do just that; just add milk. 

So this mother's day raise your glass to conquering another fully packed day of ________ (insert the 10 pages of activities and errands you had on the "to do" list), and make sure to fill it with a drink that does the body good. Fill your cups with IM Performance Nutrition's Whey Protein. Your body will thank you when it starts all over again tomorrow.