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Champion swimmers, water polo players, and triathletes from age group to Olympians are always breaking records, pushing boundaries and taking their performance to the limit. They work hard, play hard, and train hard. They eat, sleep, and drink to win. And with all of the stressors they put on their bodies, they also understand the need to supplement their extraordinary lifestyles with top-of-the-line nutrition.

So it’s no wonder why high-performance athletes US Olympic Silver Medalist/5x Olympian Tony Azevedo trust their health to IM and its high-quality supplements. They know the safety and quality associated with each IM product is guaranteed to be pure and free of any banned substances. 


USA Olympic water polo team captain, 5x Olympian, And US Olympic Silver Medalist

Tony Azevedo


Brand Ambassador  |  Water Polo

A member of five US Olympic Teams, culminating in a silver medal in Beijing 2008, Tony Azevedo is considered to be one of the best American water polo players in history. During high school and his time at Stanford University, he won four CIF State Championships and two NCAA titles and became the youngest member of the US Olympic water polo team in 2000 at the age of 18. At Stanford he set NCAA scoring records with an astonishing 332 goals (the past leader had 235) and was the first player to win the prestigious Peter Cutino Award (the Heisman trophy of water polo) four years in a row.

After college, Tony signed a series of professional water polo contracts in Europe and abroad, leading each team to numerous championship titles. In addition, Tony served as captain of the US National Men's Water Polo Team.

Tony’s current goal is to grow the sport of water polo both within the USA and abroad. Accessible, authentic, and deeply passionate about the world’s toughest sport, Tony is the living embodiment of the drive and consistent hard work that goes into overcoming adversity and becoming a champion.


"Those times when you don't think you can get through the training, you've just got to go back and say, 'I really believe that I can do anything.'"


2008 Beijing  |  Men's Water Polo


Career Highlights

  • 5-Time Olympian
  • Silver Medalist 2008
  • 4-time Pete Cutino Award Winner (equivalent of the Heisman Trophy)
  • Named 7th best Athlete in the World by Men’s Journal
  • Awarded Pac 12 Water Polo Player of the Century 2015
  • All time leading scorer at World Championships
  • Most World Championships attended by a water polo player
  • First player to win 5 Pan American Games Gold Medals
  • Only American water polo player to have a 10+ year career overseas
  • Captain of the US National Men's Water Polo Team